Laking it!

Comedy TV series

What happens at the cottage, stays at the cottage. Booze, boats, bonfires, gossip and intrigue.

This series follows a group of women navigating cottage ‘politics’ from their very different backgrounds - you have your city mom, your local beer swallowing hip chick, your over ambitious jet ski queen, and that older woman who knows how to repair your dock. None of them would hang out in ‘real life,’ but ‘cottage life’? Well that is a whole different story. They are the women of The Lake.




Therapy for Adults and Aunties (In  First Draft Stage)

A feature film

When her 8-year-old niece delivers game-changing advice, an ambitious career woman quits her job and reinvents herself with her niece-as-therapist.




The Lake (Pilot stage)

A serial dramatic TV series
Cottaging... It’s been 1 year since poster cottage boy Evan was taken from the peaceful lake.  Local law sheriff, Frankie, has been on pursuit since... and so has her daughter and her friends - behind mom’s back.  Secrets, community, and a new kidnapping sparks re-examining everyone.  



CLOUDS (Treatment stage)

An animated feature
When an Astronaut falls from space he lands on the clouds (a universe all its own) and is found by a tenacious 10 year old cloud girl on her morning cloud leap.  Tensions between the Earth and the Clouds are high.  These two work together to avoid a disaster.


SAGA (In Production)

A documentary

Canadian band who rocked the world.

40 years, 39 Albums, 1 remarkable story.